14 April 2010     Court of Arnhem
Acquittal in case Lucy de Berk


Now that the high court has left the evidential presentation of the court in The Hague intact, only a novum can lead to a re-examination of the evidence. A novum is a new fact that wasn't presented during the trials.

It is therefore important that new information about Lucia de B. becomes available.

# Contact

Should you be in possession of what could possibly be mitigating information, then we (Metta de Noo en Ton Derksen) urgently request that you pass this on to us.

You can do this by sending an email to LICHT VOOR

Do you, for instance, know anything about the following questions:
  • Have you worked with Lucia?
  • Did you experience the gossip that was circulating about Lucia?
  • Do you know patients who were satisfied with the treatment they received from Lucia in a Hospital?
  • Do you know patients for whom Lucia read the Tarot cards?
  • Do you know anyone outside the hospital for whom Lucia read the Tarot cards?
  • Did Lucia ever talk to you about her compulsion or her diary?
  • Do you know anything about the deaths of the 14 people, of which Lucia is accused?

# Moral Support

If you'd want to react or you'd want to give Lucia your moral support, you can send a message via LICHT VOOR
Use the same email link for suggestions to correct or improve this website.

I have been a social worker with the Child Welfare Council. Maybe that is why I have been interested in the case Lucia de B. right from the start. I know how upset and emotional people can get when children are involved and how keen they often are on finding a culprit in order that they can calm down and placate their own consciences.

Mr. A.E.S-D

# Financial Support

Should you wish to make a donation to help support our work
here are the details:

Postbank N.V., account 1190144
RD Gill,  Bosweg 25, 7314 AM Apeldoorn, NL
mentioning  "pro Lucia actions"

IBAN: NL85 PSTB 0001 1901 44

Postbank N.V., Foreign Operations, PO Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Thank you!

# Sign Our Petition!

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"The case of Lucia de Berk (life imprisonment in the Netherlands for 7 alleged murders and 3 alleged attempts) must be reopened as soon as possible."

In my statistics courses, the case of Lucia de Berk will serve as a prime example of the improper use of statistics: It is so easy to obtain significance by false pretences!

Norbert Henze, Professor of Statistics, University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany